FUDcast 40: Spite Picks

Episode 40
On this episode of the Forward Unto Dawn Podcast, David, Dani, and guests Pens_Halo and Nakai from Covenant Canon draft the best Halo EU material. Rules are arbitrary and broken, spite picks are chosen, and Dani has a bone to pick with Dave and Busters.

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Show Notes:
Stuff we liked includes:
*Halo Legends
*Conversations from the Universe
*Halo Loot Crates
**Look at that weirdly ugly yet adorable guy!
*Forward Unto Dawn
*Halo Evolutions
Stuff we wanted to throw into the sun:
*“All Hail” ad campaign
*Halo: Fireteam Raven
*Halo: Uprising
*The Fall of Reach (animated series)

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