Community Evolved



Community Evolved is a 2015 book that explores the history of Halo‘s fan community, interviewing respected members that have made significant contributions to it.

The Halo franchise has brought many people together from all across the world and allowed us to share a mutual passion for the universe, the gameplay, and the story. As the franchise marked its ten year anniversary recently, we decided we wanted to celebrate that milestone by turning the focus to the unappreciated people that made it possible… not the developers, but those who made Halo the success it has been: the fans. This has been done through a wide variety of mediums and activities over the years, such as fan fiction, machinima, traditional and untraditional art, mods, Forge, competition, and much more. Halo is more than a video game and the community is a lot more than just a collective of video game fans.

Who is involved?
Community Evolved features interviews with dozens of notable members of the Halo community within each of its chapters. These people have contributed to the fan community in numerous significant ways over the first decade-plus of Halo and we are happy to recognize their contributions and hear their stories told in their own words. The project would also not have come to fruition without the feedback and money of our Kickstarter backers, who are credited in the book.

How do I get a copy?
Non-backers can get a B&W hardcover copy of the book via A digital ePUB version is available for free through iTunes, or at Amazon.