Deep Catalogue

Below is an archive of Forward Unto Dawn’s earliest articles, arranged in reverse chronological order. You can skip to an article category: Analysis | Speculation | Op-Ed.


Glimmer of a Dying Star
The dissolution of the Covenant, and what happens after empires fall [February 2013].

Halo Reach Datapads
An examination of Halo: Reach‘s datapads.
[Series, October 2010 – November 2012]: “See No Evil” / “Hearts and Minds” / “Reflections”

hindsight odst
A guest series written by Michael Carollo exploring the encounters and fiction of Bungie’s ODST.
[Ongoing Series]

rock, metal, and time
The Precursors, the Flood, and the Cthulhu Mythos [September 2011].

From Visegrad with Love
Examining Reach‘s campaign mechanics and construction [August 2011].

Divinus Ruinas
A look at the fractious history of the San ‘Shyuum and their ultimate downfall [March 2011].

The Centre Holds
An evaluation of the Insurrectionist Movement against the UNSC in the 26th century, and its ultimate fate in the Halo universe [August 2010].

Nine Levels Underground
An exploration of the narrative and thematic parallels between Halo: ODST‘s story and Vergil’s Dante’s Inferno, written by Shake Appeal [June 2010].

Narrative Evolved
A brief overview of Halo‘s storytelling from Combat Evolved to ODST [June 2010].


Summum Malum
On the eve of E3 2012, the FUD staff made some informed speculation on who or what the “ancient evil” of Halo 4‘s campaign could be.
[Series, May-June 2012]: “The Master Builder” / “The Timeless One” / “The Didact” / “Guilty Spark” / “The Composer”

Reclamation Dawn
A quick look at the concepts for Halo 4 released in mid 2011 [September 2011].

Ten Suggestions...
Before the official announcement of Combat Evolved Anniversary, Dani offered up some suggestions for what form a CE remake should take [April 2011].

Mapping Reach
Dani combs through pre-beta Reach footage to extrapolate what kinds of battlefields players will encounter in the final game [March 2010].

Winter Contingency
A look at the world of Reach and the Spartans just prior to the Covenant invasion [February 2010].


Beyond The Frontline
Editorials written by members of FUD’s staff that ask questions about every aspect of Halo to spark further discussion [Ongoing Series]

Forging Ahead
Ben takes a multi-article odyssey through the detailed theory, construction and evaluation of a Reach Forge map [Ongoing Series].

Final Firefight
Ben offers up his suggestions for what form the final Firefight map to ship with Combat Evolved Anniversary should be [June 2011].

Challenges Deconstructed
An examination of Halo: Reach‘s system of credit incentives: challenges [May 2011].

Full Spectrum Firefight
Ben writes that Firefight matchmaking has tremendous potential, not yet realized [May 2011].

Unearthing A Gem
FUD makes the case that Unearthed is Reach‘s best Firefight map [March 2011].

Defying the Odds
Halo: Reach‘s Defiant Map Pack, reviewed [March 2011].

The environs of the Halo series’ multiplayer offerings, by the numbers [March 2011].

None of the Above
Dani discusses Halo: Reach‘s matchmaking voting system and how it could be improved [November 2010].

FUD sinks its teeth into Reach‘s forge and offers a look at where the editing mode has come from.
[Series, September 2010]: “Forge” / “Tools of the Trade”

Backwards From Dawn
Dani, Isaac, and David look back on the twilight of Halo 2‘s supported multiplayer with their own Halo 2 memories.
[Series, April 2010]: “Part 1” / “Part 2” / “Part 3”