Sometimes entertaining, occasionally insightful and most often spoilery, the Forward Unto Dawn podcast is where the staff of FUD ponders the latest fictional developments, with a pinch of gameplay and Halo news. You can subscribe to the ‘cast on iTunes, or watch new episodes on Forward Unto Dawn’s Youtube channel.

Episode 1 – Shrugging ATLAS
Dave (DangerousDave) and Isaac (Postmortem) join Dani (Slightly Live) for a look at the latest developments in Halo fiction including a preview of Halo: Glasslands and Halo Waypoint’s Data Drops. Later, Ben (GhaleonEB) and Dani discuss Halo CE: Anniversary‘s newly announced Kinect features and Achievements and the TU Beta update and the exciting additions coming to Halo Waypoint–ATLAS and the Custom Challenges.

Episode 2 – Shattering Glass(lands)
Dani, Isaac, and David get together for a look at the latest Halo novel, Glasslands. We give the plot, characters and events a stern look over and discuss what we thought of the book. Spoilers are discussed.

Episode 3 – Terminal Reality
The now-usual triumvirate of Dani, Isaac and David ponder the Combat Evolved Anniversary Terminals.

Episode 4 – Precursors Killed the Dinosaur Star
Dani, Isaac, and David get together and discuss Greg Bear’s second Halo novel, Primordium. We tangentally complain about CEA, Dani espouses bigotry towards cavemen, and we all wish for the good old days when the Flood really were just space zombies. Things are spoilery.

Episode 5 – War Games and Poo Monsters
A full house of Dani, Isaac, Ben, and David discuss Halo 4‘s War Games, speculate on what’s to come and debate Promethean midgets little aliens and Jurassic Park‘s Forerunner crystals.

Adjunct 01 – Reach Matchmaking Overview
Dani, Ben, and David take a look at how Reach‘s matchmaking started, how it’s evolved under 343i’s control and what the future may hold in a special “adjunct” episode.

Episode 6 – Cryptum Battle Mode Engaged
In the aftermath of E3 2012 Dani, Isaac, and David walk through the Halo 4 preview, get sidetracked by other sci-fi films, and rep the Forward Unto Dawn brand.

Episode 7 – Major League Vagueness
Dave and Dani probe Ben and Isaac about their awesome PAX experience and their first hand playtests of Halo 4.

Episode 8 – Glass Harder
Dani, Isaac, and Dave discusses Karen Traviss’ second Halo novel, The Thursday War.

Episode 9 – There Is No Pelican
Issac, Dave and Dani sit down and discuss Forward Unto Dawn – the live action Halo series with the awesome name.

Episode 10 – Tidal Waving
Kete from The Running Riot joins Isaac and Dani to discuss the highs and lows of Spartan Ops Episodes 1-5.

Episode 11 – Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Star Roads
Dani, Isaac and David talk Halo: Silentium, the final installment in Greg Bear’s Forerunner Saga.

Episode 12 – Forerunner Poncho
Dani, Isaac, and Dave belatedly talk about the Halo 5 teaser, Speilberg’s role in the announced live-action series, Spartan Assault, and the comic series Halo: Initiation‘s first issue. Trigger warnings: ponchos and Palmer discussed.

Episode 13 – Tea-Drinking Funtimes
The FUD crew discusses Mortal Dictata, the final Karen Traviss book, as well as discussing their overall thoughts on the completed trilogy. We also discuss Escalation, and where the story goes from here.

Episode 14 – ‘Cover Your Butt’ in Latin
The FUD crew discuss Halo 5, Halo 2 Anniversary, terminals, Nightfall, and Waypoint’s mysterious Catalog.

Adjunct 02 – PAX 2014 Debrief
Isaac and Dave discuss their PAX experiences, Lockout in Halo 2 Anniversary and The Master Chief Collection.

Episode 15: Rapture in Space
The FUD crew discuss the latest Halo novel, Broken Circle.

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