Anniversaries, Archives, Bingo and Halo 4

If you are reading this then by now you must have had a chance to get an eyeball full of the new Forward layout and design. Our main goal with the new layout is keep everything simple and straight forward. Content is our primary focus so we hope the new curtains frame it better than before. In addition to the fresh coat of paint, the Forward interior has been revamped as we’ve completed the move to new servers. We’ve had a few periods of instability and down time in the past as an unwelcome and unintended side effect of increased visitor activity. History should not repeat itself regarding the former and we hope in the case of the latter that it does. =)

Speaking of history repeating itself, despite the work done behind the scenes, we’ve been rather flustered with excitement with all the latest news and announcements. New Halo?

E3 2011 Information Hub

We updated this page constantly as the news broke during the Microsoft Conference (or a half hour before it to be exact =P) and you’ll find a nice recap of all the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 news, links, videos and interviews in this handy hub. By the end we were left wanting more and had stacked up a pile of unanswered questions (unlike last year’s bountiful E3). Great times ahead for Halo Fans.

In the aftermath of E3 and in the wake of the CEA and Halo 4 announcements, Halo Waypoint surprised us all by heralding the start of a brand new not-quite-so-weekly update for Halo fans. After many years absence (Frankie used to write Bungie’s weekly updates during the Halo 2 and 3 era) his return, however brief, is certainly welcome. We’ll be archiving the Halo Bulletin each week from now on.


Looks like there’s a new central hub for the Datapad articles. Does this mean the second part is finally coming? Yes. Sooner than you think too.


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