Exciting times here at Forward Unto Dawn!

We would like to announce the latest staff member to join us here. A big welcome to Hedgemony, our resident Halo imagery specialist. He has kindly provided the Halo images in our latest article, touched up with his great, unique style. Shortly, we’ll have a gallery on the site dedicated to his current and future contributions. We are happy to welcome him on the team and you can look forward to all future articles looking that little bit smarter.

Take a look about. We have a coat of new paint on the site. This is our final look going forward and we hope you like it. Don’t be surprised if the banner keeps changing. =)

We’ve just published our latest article Cartography: Forge, a look at the evolution of Forge from Halo 3 to Reach and how the community has helped define exactly what Forge is and means. Features not one but three interviews with leading community Halo members and map authors – GhaleonEB, EazyB and NOKYARD.

And finally, we are proud to announce a partnership with Ascendant Justice. AJ’s forums have just been re-opened and we have decided to team up together to provide Forward Unto Dawn readers and the wider Halo audience with a central┬ácommunity hub. We are honoured by the association and a special thanks to Jironimo and the fine folks at the Ascendant Justice forums.

We have more lined up folks in the coming weeks and maybe a surprise or two. =)

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