Bungled Weekly Update: 13/05/2011

There’s a strange void left in the hearts of many a manchild this week. Left adrift on an ocean of bitter tears and not a wave of excitement to be seen. Fret not, as the ship steers itself when the captain is missing in action.

Matchmakin’ Man

A certain old dad from HaloGAF started ranting about Firefight the other week. The poor old man must have been upset because he unleased a torrent of words so strong they reached the ears of the Bungle staff. Whilst his Firefight stories have become genuine cultural signposts, this particular collection of ramblings have had a particularly interesting side effect.

The Community Cartographers, a group normally tasked with bubbling up the best content from various online Forge communities, has found itself taking on feedback for for the entire matchmaking platform. If there’s something broken in Firefight, an abusive gametype and map combination or maybe a shoddy weapon respawn timer, please let your local, neighbourhood Cartographer know about it and they’ll pass it along. As with community maps, the Cartographers are essentially glorified messengers (except without pay, sick days or holidays) so don’t be aiming abuse their way if things don’t get changed to your own personal pleasing.

Aero Naughty

Because we ain’t the official Bungle studios, we can harp on about silly rumours as much as we want. Halo 2 Live Arcade Winter 2012? Why not?

The word on the vine this week is Aerospace. Whilst having confirmed no official presence at this year’s E3, details are leaking out thanks to the hard and ever diligent work of sleuthing internet detectives. Donning their best Dick Tracey outfits, the detectives this week have found some interesting tidbits.

Crimson. Sounds rather bloody, doesn’t it? Well, no. It’s probablly not going to be bloody, whatever it is. This trademark filling reveals pretty much bugger all. Some foks are speculating it’s a new publishing platform whilst others are speculating it’s a cross network platform itself, similar to Steam, letting PC, 360 and PS3 users (when the monkeys find the banana switch) play together. It could also be a red herring. Or a crimson herring. See what I did there? Smarts.

This picture of some ugly man playing ping pong shows that this man likes wearing clothes. Folks are speculating that his clothes might in some way be special. Special to whom, I didn’t ask. Looks like some kind of Seraph icon with a 7 in it. Needs more Osiris.

Speaking of rumours, there’s whispers on the wind that former Bungle and still bald man Frankie is taking up the future on some ring game on Gamastura.com. He mentions some kind something about DLC maps and a new book. Unfortunately, this is not official Bungle news or official Bungle rumours so you’ll have to suss that out on your own.

<3 PAX

Bungle may or may not be at PAX this year, but you know what? It’s still going to be awesome. So awesome, passes have started selling out. You don’t want to miss out out on RingFest at PAX, with or without Bungle! Three days of thousands of nerds packed together in one small place. ┬áJust do it.


When you have space to fill, pictures are suddenly fifteen hundred percent more awesome.

Blame Ghaleon

Ghaleon’s Firefight rant has left him rather dizzy and light headed. We’ve been asked to calm him down and so we searched long and hard for a Halo clip that was boring. Not just ordinary boring, but exceptionally boring. Painting drying ain’t got nothing on this video. Prepare yourself.

Until next week, get off our lawn!

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  1. sithhead
    May 14, 2011

    You must tell me more about that banshee splattering the Chief.

    Everything you know. plz?

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