Forward Unto Dawn Podcast Episode Three

Episode Three is now live!

Slightly Live (Dani) joins Postmortem (Isaac) and DangerousDave (Dave?) to talk about the Terminals from Halo Anniversary. Recorded back to back with the previous podcast, the recording pre-dates the publication of the latest Halo novel, Primordium. Don’t listen to the very end. There’s nothing at all after the music ends. Just stop your music player at that point. Please.

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Thank you!

The reception to the podcasts has been great. We’re all very humbled that so many of you have taken the time to listen to us talk about Halo. We really appreciate your support and your ear time and we wanted to let you guys know that. Readers and listeners, you rock! Competition winners from last month should have now received an email with their Avatar codes. No competition this time as we don’t want to spoil you too much but we’d like your comments anyway or go ahead and sign up to our forums and become part of the FUD community.

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