Episode Three is now live!

Slightly Live (Dani) joins Postmortem (Isaac) and DangerousDave (Dave?) to talk about the Terminals from Halo Anniversary. Recorded back to back with the previous podcast, the recording pre-dates the publication of the latest Halo novel, Primordium. Don’t listen to the very end. There’s nothing at all after the music ends. Just stop your music player at that point. Please.

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The reception to the podcasts has been great. We’re all very humbled that so many of you have taken the time to listen to us talk about Halo. We really appreciate your support and your ear time and we wanted to let you guys know that. Readers and listeners, you rock! Competition winners from last month should have now received an email with their Avatar codes. No competition this time as we don’t want to spoil you too much but we’d like your comments anyway or go ahead and sign up to our forums and become part of the FUD community.

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  1. TarAlacrin says:

    Ooooooooo! Excited

  2. typfon says:

    YES!!! New podcast ^_^

    (I don’t received my email with avatar codes :( )

  3. Capac Amaru says:

    Listening to this AFTER reading Primordium was certainly interesting.

    *spoiler alert*

    Multiple memory streams, why there’s a human silhouette when Spark talks about his origins, why monitors bear the reclaimer symbol, why Spark reviews Forerunner history the same way he reviews human history.

  4. Hippo says:

    Hey guys. I haven’t read the books, but I do think about the terminals a lot and I’ve played all the games a few times. I’ve also studied narrative and storytelling, so my focus is more on the new information they’ve given us and why they have done that. Here’s what I’ve got.

    The crazy Covie AI: A copy of a Forerunner AI that’s been put through the wash too many times would make the most sense. I think the question we’re supposed to be asking is which Forerunner AI was the source? Somebody we’ve already met? Abject Testament? I’m wondering why they introduced that specific monitor by name, and gave us his installation number unless they wanted us to know that information down the road. I have a feeling we may be visiting installation 03 at some point.

    3,000 years after halo activation: seems like this is an important time period. At this point all the other monitors have failed to check in, and Pentient Tangent is sending bad transmissions. This is also right around the time the unknown crashed ship arrives on 04 right?

    The unknown crashed ship: It feels like this has to be tied into Halo 4 in some way. You don’t introduce a loaded gun in act 1 without firing it by the end of the movie. It probably blew up with the original ring so I’m not sure what else they can do with it. Maybe we are supposed to be asking how this ship found it’s way to the ring, since it’s a short range ship. Maybe they’re saying that the rings haven’t gone unvisited or unnoticed which leads us to…

    The Monitors: Seems like Penitent Tangent (and Abject Testament given his self-loathing) had less resolve than Guilty Spark. Their programming is a little more prone to rampancy than we used to think. Maybe rampancy is based on the resolve of the individual they were created from (I agree that this has to be the case since Cortana was an AI copy of Halsey, and Halsey is working off of forerunner blueprints).

    Guilty Spark and the Ancient Evil: Maybe Guilty Spark is the only monitor who had the resolve to last 100,000 years alone. Maybe Spark is our hero. Maybe the ‘ancient evil’ is the five other monitors gone rampant 😉

    Great podcast. Keep them coming.

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