FUDcast #14: Cover Your Butt in Latin

The FUD crew discuss Halo 5, Halo 2 Anniversary, terminals, Nightfall, and Waypoint’s mysterious Catalog.

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Show Notes:
*Previous episodes can be found on FUD’s Podcast archive.
*Halo 5 E3 trailer / Halo 2 Anniversary Terminal Sneak Peek
**FUD Forum Thread: H2 Anniversary Terminals (Stuff You Might Have Missed)
**Previous FUD articles: “Glimmer of a Dying Star” / “Divinas Ruina”
***Correction: Isaac lowballs the number of Prophets alive; the Halo 3 Bestiarum gives a post-Halo 3 population of c. 1,000, down from 20,000,000.
*User Catalog on Waypoint
*Halo: Nightfall

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Thanks to Halo Waypoint/343  / HBO for support.

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