Goldsworthy, Cole and More

The Article and Concept Art Gallery has just been updated. Whilst we have yet to add our own article-related items, the official art keeps coming in.

We have some breathtaking new pieces of art including over half a dozen of new Halo: Reach campaign concept art pieces by the amazingly talented Mark Goldsworthy. Some of these pieces will make your jaw drop and really makes you wish current gaming hardware would catch up to the imagination of such great artists.

We also have some officially released art from the new Halo art book, The Great Journey: The Art of Building Worlds. Some of the art is new and some is not and some has never been seen before whilst other pieces are familar to most fans on the internet. The book itself is an art’s fan’s dream come true with over four hundred individual pieces of Halo art. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy.

And finally we’ve posted some amazing concept art for the unpublished and sadly cancelled Halo MMO by the artist Dylan Cole and Ensemble Studios. Say what you want about the direction the MMO was heading into when it got cancelled but it is clear that Cole really had the Forerunner look and feel nailed down.

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