Halo 4 Fiction Play-date and Spartan Ops Co-Op Analysis Series

We’d like to announce two very special upcoming events to mark the release of Halo 4 next month. We’ll have more information soon!

When: Looking at the Sunday following launch. Enough time for people to play through the campaign. Time may change as we get closer.

So how about those Halo 4 Terminals? How do the Forerunner and Kilo-Five books tie into the Campaign? If you have any questions about Halo’s fiction or just want to talk about the game’s story join us as we co-op through the campaign and seek the answers.

When: Weekly following Halo 4’s release

We’ve been promised an episode each week for two months, with five missions per episode that is a lot of gameplay and a lot of fiction.

ForwardUntoDawn.com will be offering a weekly summary and analysis of the fiction of Spartan Ops going beyond the story of Halo 4’s campaign. As such, it offers up a chance to buddy up and tackle the Spartan Ops episodes as a group. Join us as we explore Halo’s future.


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