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Welcome to our Halo: Reach Beta information hub. Restless eyes watch over the steady stream of information so you don’t have to. We’ve collected and linked to the essential Halo: Reach, articles, interviews, updates and podcasts so you can find them all in one handy place. Want to know why Elites are stronger and faster? What about the health system that has changed? Why the Warthog turret requires cooldown? What is the Arena? Read on.

Stay tuned for updates all the way up to the Beta and beyond!


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Quick F.A.Q.

What and when is the Beta?

May 3rd. We have a countdown on the site if you wish to watch the seconds pass by. =)

The Halo: Reach Beta is an online taste for the meal that is the final retail game coming this September. The Beta allows the developers a chance to test out various delicate sections of the game, such as matchmaking, weapon balance and feature stability. When the beta concludes, Bungie will take all of the data created by all of the participants and use that to help improve the final retail experience.

How do I play the Beta?

There are two official public channels that funnel into the Beta, by having played Halo 2 with an older Xbox Gamertag and through ODST, the popular choice.

You’ll need a copy of ODST on hand to play the Beta, which will be accessible through ODST’s in game menu on and after May 3rd. You’ll need to have the disc in your Xbox 360 at all times so you won’t be able to give the disc to your friends to share the Beta, you’ll each need one copy per Xbox 360 to play.

Long time Halo 2 players were recently sent an email rewarding their dedication for playing Halo 2 since the times of the original Xbox. Those players were sent Microsoft Points to spend on Live, a three month addition to their Xbox Live Gold subscription and will be sent a code to redeem and download the Halo: Reach Beta on May 3rd. They will not need ODST to play the Beta. If you have yet to receive one of these codes it’s unlikely you will get one in future so getting ODST is your best bet.

What do we know about the Beta?

A lot! More is coming leading up to the Beta launch. See above for articles, images, podcasts and more!

Are Customs or LAN parties available with the Beta?

These features will not be available for the Beta but will be available for the retail release of Halo: Reach.

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