No Beta Article Yet, But…

Sincere apologies for the delay on posting our Beta article. It’s not quite finished and ready for human consumption just yet. Rest assured that it is still coming and you should expect it “soon“.

Halo: Reach at E3  Hub

In the mean time, in anticipation for Halo: Reach’s E3 showing this year we have created a special hub for all of the exciting Reach related information soon to be hitting our faces. Get bruised up in style as you’ll find a summary and links to every juicy morsel of the Halo: Reach E3 meal all in one tidy place.

It’s a constant work in progress as we update with content so don’t get too riled up if something is out of place. It will be all smoothly glassed over in time.

After E3 we’ll keep the hub active with regular updates up until release and then you’ll be on your own, with Reach in hand we’ll leave you folks to fend for yourself.

None of this busy Reach activity will disturb our (ir)regular content updates. We will have some nice articles coming packed to the gills with fancy words and soothing metaphors.

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