Not A Halo Ring

Typical Saturday evening for me. I was doing my usual internet rounds such as visiting sites, catching on forums posts and downloading a few maps for the HaloGAF Customs night.

I’m usually the guy that tries to organise the HaloGAF Customs and this week we started a bit early as some Irish members wanted to play and the usual later GMT start times were a bit too late for them. This usually means for me that I end up playing Halo all evening for about five or six hours straight. It can be draining, but it’s fun and if it means our Halo group has some sort of regular games played together then it’s worth it.

Last night was one of those nights. The night began quietly with some matchmaking. It wasn’t too long before started playing Customs and we quickly found ourselves pretty much full at the maximum player limit. Good times. However, due to the global nature of HaloGAF, most members are residing in America. That means lag. Last night at times it was quite bad. I kept getting kicked out of the games lobby. I wasn’t having much fun due to this but I kept on playing regardless.

I was about to call it a night when one of the guys suggested a nice easy mini-game to play. Our numbers had reduced so I though it would be worth staying for one last game.

The game starts and it’s quite fun, a nice fun high note to end the shaky night I had. Then it appeared. Written in the sky.

I was!
Forge 1.0 -- Proposal Geometry Included!

My girlfriend (Yep, it’s a she! Sorry Urk!) proposed to me. She asked one of my friends to use Forge to modify a map with the question suddenly appearing after a few minutes. I wasn’t expecting this at all. She planned it all behind my back and planned a wonderfully sneaky attack in a place I’d never expect.

I’m not one to talk about such things in public, but this wasn’t my plan at all, so here we are.

So what did I say? I’m the proud owner of a shiny new ring. It’s no Halo mind you, but I couldn’t be happier.



  1. Ander
    March 28, 2010

    I’m repeating myself from GAF, but still: Congratulations to you and your fiancĂ©e!
    And nice job to Bagel on the map!

  2. March 28, 2010

    Congrats Dani, I got married a year a ago this month – it’s the best!

  3. drossello
    March 29, 2010

    Congrats man, enjoy this!

  4. Stalid Autumn
    March 30, 2010

    Thats pretty epic man. Next, you gonna have a halo wedding cake…! Joke!
    Well done mate. Both of you are very lucky to have each other. Congratulations!

  5. kewltip
    April 21, 2010

    your wife proposed to you? huh… and over halo? weird… but hey congrats!

  6. nuke101
    April 21, 2010

    Wow, congrats dude!!! It’s good that your fiancee approves of you playing halo. (My GF doesn’t like the blood, so I have to keep my playing under wraps.)

    • May 20, 2012

      see if i could play last night we would have either been cleosr or lost even worse than we did. so maybe it was good that i couldnt make it. and i agree with onekelly. were having a rematch with your Rec players. lol

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