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We’ve launched a special section on the site for those of you wanting to keep pace with the fast flowing torrent of news and information building up to the Halo: Reach Beta. It will be updated weekly with all of the official Bungie and other site links to keep you fully up to date so you hit the ground running come May 3rd.

You can access the hub at all times above our Countdown timer on the right hand navigation bar.

Click here to go to the Reach Information Hub

As you can see, we’ve had a new coat of paint lovingly applied to our site. It’s not quite finished, as the paint hasn’t fully dried just yet and some places may need an extra coating. Bear with us. We’ve also added some new features under the hood and some put on display – such as the Article Gallery and Countdown (both of which can be found to the right), to compliment the new look.

There’s more good news to share, our search for staff has finally reached it’s conclusion and Forward is happy to welcome two fantastic new staff writers on the site. Who are they? You can find out by asking in our Forums otherwise you can wait until each of them publishes their first articles on here for a more formal introduction.

You can look forward to more articles coming your way shortly – from the little known human rebellions against the UNSC, a comparative look at a tale set deep within the Sangheili’s past and maybe a closer look at the Reach Beta when we finally gets our hands on it.

ThanksĀ  to everyone for your support thus far and in future.

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  1. Stalid Autumn
    April 5, 2010

    Like new style and layout

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