Beyond The Frontline

Beyond the Frontline is a regular feature where the staff here get up on the soapbox and put forward an idea or ideas, usually topical, relating to Halo. Each BTF is a talking point designed to start a dialogue and unlike our regular word blasts and articles, the entries are short and sweet.

If you agree or disagree with any of the points raised we strongly encourage you to reply in the comments and be part of the conversation!


BTF #10 – Preventing an Uprising By Slightly Live
Can 343 prevent another Uprising?

BTF #9 – The “Pre-Rendered” Advantage By Postmortem
Would fans mind if Halo’s cut-scenes weren’t rendered by their Xbox?

BTF #8 – Wiretapping the Cosmos By DangerousDave
Is an important piece of Halo fiction overlooked?

BTF #7 – The Deeper End of the Military Sci-Fi Pool By Postmortem
Would a focus on the average solider offer a more human perspective?

BTF #6 – Are We BETA Off Without It? By Slightly Live
Is the Halo 4 beta really inevitable?

BFT #5 – Fragging Health By GhaleonEB

Which game defines “classic” Halo and how will 343 approach it?

BFT #4 – Fortune Favours the Foolish By Dangerous Dave

All units! We need more experiments like Halo Wars.

BFT #3 – Time is of the Essence By Postmortem
Is time travel the future (past) of Halo?

BFT #2 – A Halo Far, Far A-Waypoint By Slightly Live
How should Halo Waypoint integrate into Halo 4 and beyond?

BTF #1 – Ads Taken, Ads Dropped By Slightly Live

How can Halo games handle the inevitable wave of in-game advertisements?


  1. October 26, 2011

    Appreciate the site!

    However, you really should have a “Contact” section in the website, offering of course some contact information (e-mail) or a contact form. It would be a lot nicer to nitpick via e-mail. =P

    • October 26, 2011

      We’ll consider adding a feedback form. In addition to the comments we also have the Ascendant Justice forum if you want to engage in lengthier discussions. =)

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