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July 12, 2021 / Podcast

Dani and Dave are joined by Haruspis and Isaac to talk the Master Chief and the past, present, and possible future of the character in the Halo series. Show notes and listening options at

June 17, 2021 / Article

So if Cortana is dead and deleted by the events of Halo Infinite, who did the deed? Round up the usual suspects.

June 14, 2021 / Article
June 14, 2021 / Podcast

Dani and Dave record a flashcast on their reactions to the June 13 Xbox Showcase and the Halo Infinite teases therein. Show notes and listening options at

June 1, 2021 / Podcast

David, Dani, and guests Pens_Halo and Nakai from Covenant Canon draft the best Halo EU material. Rules are arbitrary and broken, spite picks are chosen, and Dani has a bone to pick with Dave and Busters.

April 8, 2021 / Podcast
February 26, 2021 / Article
December 30, 2020 / Podcast
November 13, 2020 / Podcast

Dani, Dave, and Pens_Halo discuss Troy Denning’s Halo: Shadows of Reach. Discussed: macguffins, Denninverse tropes, and what hints we can draw for Halo: Infinite. Show notes and listening options at

August 3, 2020 / Article

A brief look at the musical evolution of the Halo franchise, what makes a piece of Halo music *sound like* Halo music, and evaluating what we’ve heard of the Halo Infinite score.