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June 29, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives

Narrative Evolved

Our latest article, inspired by comments from sci-fi author Richard Morgan, takes a look at the evolving narrative techniques used across the Halo franchise. We take a brief look at the successes, failures, and experiments. Just how has Bungie has managed to keep the series fresh over the years?

June 10, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives

Sincere apologies for the delay on posting our Beta article. It’s not quite finished and ready for human consumption just yet. Rest assured that it is still coming and you should expect it “soon“.

Halo: Reach at E3  Hub

In the mean time, in anticipation for Halo: Reach’s E3 showing this year we have created a special hub for all of the exciting Reach related information

April 21, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives
April 21, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives

Our latest article takes a look at the Insurrectionist movement – a relatively unknown human force which has, over the years, influenced the Halo universe in many important ways. From the earliest days of intra-solar exploration to the height of the Human Covenant War, these rebellious groups have been active in one form or another for centuries, attempting

April 20, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives
April 19, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives
April 17, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives
April 4, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives

We’ve launched a special section on the site for those of you wanting to keep pace with the fast flowing torrent of news and information building up to the Halo: Reach Beta. It will be updated weekly with all of the official Bungie and other site links to keep you fully up to date so you hit the ground running come May 3rd.

March 28, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives

NeoGAF user Shake Appeal has written a beautiful and intelligent discourse and analysis on the subject of Halo 3 : ODST. A considerate and thought provoking piece, it shines a light on the dark streets of New Monbasa and explores the characters, the levels, the narrative and so much more. A fantastic piece of writing which we are honoured to host.

March 28, 2010 / Pre-2015 Archives

Typical Saturday evening for me. I was doing my usual internet rounds such as visiting sites, catching on forums posts and downloading a few maps for the HaloGAF Customs night.

I’m usually the guy that tries to organise the HaloGAF Customs and this week we started a bit early as some Irish members wanted to play and the usual later GMT start times were a bit