Reach Multiplayer Arena Q&A Transcript

If me and my friends are in different leagues can we still play in the arena together?


How many players, is there loads of team games?

Depends on the playlist. Expect to see popular Halo 3 formats like 2v2, 4v4. We aren’t limited to those, though.

Are the Divisions separated by each Rank Milestone? Like Steel:Recruit?

No, it works differently than Halo 3’s Ratings, many of which you could obtain through accumulating EXP. More details will be forthcoming.

Spartans only?

Our play-lists support Spartans Only, Elites Only, various mixtures, player selection, etcetera.

Arena Play-lists will probably not mix the two, since there are some significant differences between them now and we don’t want to skew the results.

Do your seasons get added together over time or do you have to start fresh each month?

Each season is a full reset. Your previous season results go into your Service Record for posterity, though.

Will the Arena feature armour abilities and weapons such as rockets, grenade launchers, etc, or will it be hardcore guns only?

Too early to tell. We’d like to use the range of Halo’s sandbox, but if there are parts that don’t work well with the Arena’s goals, we’ll edit them out. The MLG’s excellent process of tweaking and iterating over their desired game-type is something we would like to emulate.

Seasons help us do that. If we introduce Rocket Launchers on some maps in a season, and they don’t work out well, we can remove them in the next Season.

When will the Arena feature objective game-types?

When we can come up with a good way to quantify a person’s individual performance in a team CTF game as a four digit numeric rating. It’s very hard to do so–who did more, the person who capped the flag, or the person who defended the base?

We’re starting with Slayer because it is (relatively) easy to distil into ratings. The importance of this will be more evident once the Arena is live. 🙂

I’m sure the forums will help us discuss the subject in the future. Our play-lists are, as ever, very adaptive and evolving things.

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