Reach Multiplayer Arena Q&A Transcript

Will we be able to view Arena games in Theatre mode?

Absolutely. I hope that high Rated Arena films are a popular commodity in the (new and improved!) File Share.

Will Bungie fix the language boosting trick that was prevalent in Halo 3? With more options available to choose how you want to be matched, I feel it would be much simpler to exploit a form of this. Obviously in Arena, people will want to be in the highest division so I feel it could become a problem.

Yes, this is fixed. Our play-lists can now be configured to match in two stages: find team-mates, then find opponents. Each stage can have different parameters.

In Arena play-lists, for example, we would consider Language Preference for finding team-mates, but not for finding opponents. So (ideally, population permitting) you’ll be on a team with people who speak your language, but your opponents will be the most appropriate skill and ping match. Somewhat harder to exploit.

Are you familiar with how Blizzard is currently operating their ladder system in the Starcraft 2 Beta?

Afraid not, I haven’t had a chance to install the Beta. 🙁

Will each grouping have separate divisions? Will there be an Onyx 1 and an Onyx 2, or will all Onyx players be ranked together? Additionally, will there be a way to view the players in your division?

There will be some subdivision within divisions when the competition is most heated. Think “Gold Division, Top 5%”.

Are there any plans to incorporate teams into this system? Let’s say a friend and I compete in a 2v2 ladder, are there any plans to rank teams of players against other teams? As an extension of this, are there plans to implement a clan system with the arena?

There are no plans to implement a clan system specifically for Arena. If we did Clan support (not saying we are, mind you), we would support them across the board.

Is Arena the only ranked playlist?

They are currently the only play-lists which will display a playlist specific ranking/rating/etc.

But all of our other play-lists are built on the same tech that made Halo 3’s Ranked play-lists work, which means they will have strong skill matching and high match quality (population permitting, as always.)

If we were to use Halo 3 as an analogy for the Halo: Reach matchmaking system would Arena be akin to a specific playlist (e.g. Rumble Pit, Big Team Battle etcetera) or would it be a grouping (e.g. Ranked, Social, Hardcore) or none of the above?

It doesn’t really map to Halo 3 analogies. This is a new beast.

The old favourites from Halo 3 will still be there, as improved as we can make them. Arena is something being added on top, to scratch a particular itch.

Are you guys putting just as much love into the Social Play-lists of the game as you are the: “Super Hardcore Arena Play-lists?”

Absolutely. This isn’t an “us or them” thing to us. 🙂

What are seasons?

They’re like sports seasons, except over a shorter time-frame. For example, an August 2010 Season would start on August 1, end on August 30, and would only count games played between those two dates. A new season would start on September 1.

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