Reach Multiplayer Arena Q&A Transcript

Will there be any long standing penalty for playing hardcore for say the first couple of seasons, trying something else ( so taking some seasons off ), and then coming back to play again? I see it will lower your division if you go idle so week 1 players do not sit at the top but is it a completely new slate every season so if I take time off I can come back un-judged for some more mayhem?

The system doesn’t care if you don’t play for a Season, or even for a few weeks inside of a Season. There’s no penalty for taking time off, just that you’re standing still while the community moves on.

Just so I am clear, one last time, playing Social play-lists will not make my overall level on go up, correct?
I will remain a “visible” level 1 as long as I stay out of the Ranked play-lists, right?

There’s no more concept of “Ranked” and “Social” play-lists, and no more “overall level” on driven by playlist skill. So the answer is “mu”.

The new “overall level” mechanism should be described in greater detail soon though.

Will your arena statistics, standings, rankings, etc. as a SPARTAN be separate from those of you as an Elite?

Not necessarily, but because those stats are all tracked per Arena playlist, and Arena play-lists will likely be either Spartan or Elite but not both, the answer is effectively yes.

So the Arena will be matched by TrueSkill and the ratings show (without the number) what your TrueSkill value is? Just this time TrueSkill takes into account k/d ratio’s and other statistics?

Ratings only show you what your performance in a game or over the course of a day was. There’s no TrueSkill information encoded into it.

Your Division is largely determined by TrueSkill, though.

Will Arena speed of play be of MLG speed or normal Team Slayer H3 speed?

If we looked at the state of the game and decided it was too slow, we would certainly have this option. I imagine we will ship with default movement speeds, though–if we’re confident enough to ship the game with them as default, then we’re probably pretty happy with how they play..

Will a players highest skill in arena be visible through their service tag (like highest skill is in halo 3) or will people have to go online to view it? Hopefully (from my understanding) earning ranks will not be repetitive and skill level will be easily communicated. What is the plan?

A player’s most recent Season results will be visible in game in his Service Record. Longer term stat keeping will be done on There’s no special callout in-game for a highest Season.

Is Arena FFA only?

No. Arena playlists can be any format.

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