Reach Multiplayer Arena Q&A Transcript

Will there be an Arena Season in the beta?

Gotta test it, right? 🙂

Does the Arena rule out any chances of a specific ‘MLG’ playlist?


Once in Onyx Division will you permanently remain in Onyx Division, or do you have to earn it month after month?

If you want to be able to state “yeah, I’m Onyx this Season”, then yes, you’ll have to earn it each Season.

Are there going to be vehicles in the Arena?

(And all other questions about parts of the sandbox, like abilities or specific weapons)

Our goal is to only include parts of the sandbox which lend themselves well to a competitive but even game. If there was a Scorpion on the map, and one person could go on a tear with a dozen kills with it, then the Arena would turn into “first person to the Scorpion gets a high rating!”

That is not our goal. The Arena is not intended to be a measure of how fast you are at getting to the single rocket launcher spawn.

Are there going to be rewards–other than honour and glory–for being a top ranked Arena player? Like armour permutations, mentions, etc?

No. We do not want people who do not enjoy Arena style play-lists to feel compelled to do them to get the helmet that they really want.

The Arena and its Ratings/Divisions are their own reward, intended for the people who crave that particular flavour of reward.

Are there 5 ranks for every season or every day?

Every game, you will get a Rating.
E.g., 1340

Every day that you play at least X games (say, 3 games), your best X games will be averaged to give you a Day Rating.
E.g., 1314

Every Season that you get rated in Y days (say, 5 days), you will be assigned to a Division based on your performance across all games in the entire Season.
E.g., Silver Division

Will you be able to bring in a party to arena, or is it a single player entrance into the playlist like Slayer?

You can bring in a party, but only up to the team size. E.g., 4 player parties in a 4v4 playlist.

How big of a role will the social search criteria play into finding teams in the arena? Will the social search options play a role into the types of teams you get matched up against?

In Arena, Social Preferences will matter a lot less than Skill. When finding opponents, probably not at all. At most, they’d be a tie-breaker.

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