Hindsight: ODST


Here you will find an exploration of each of the levels from Halo 3: ODST. Hindsight: ODST is not a simple walkthrough or gameplay guide; instead you will find a thoughtful tour of a beautifully crafted game and the encounters, easter eggs, and fun found within.

Much has already been said about ODST in the past. Ascendant Justice covered much ground many years ago with their series of articles and not too long ago we hosted a fantastic article by Shake Appeal that took a serious, in-depth look at ODST’s story, characters and meaning.

Hindsight: ODST is written by Dax01, a guest contributing writer.

Select a level and begin reading.

You can find images featured in the series in the Forward Unto Dawn Gallery‘s special Hindsight: ODST section.

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Main Writing: Guest Writer, Dax01
Editing: FUD Staff
Thanks: Cody Miller and Louis Wu for the H.B.O. Cutscene Library, KoRnyMunKy for assistance with grabbing screenshots on “NMPD HQ”, Overdoziz for screenshots on “Data Hive” and “Coastal Highway”